Envirotrek Series 2014

For the sixth year running, Respect The Mountains produces the Envirotrek Clean Up Series, in co-operation with KEEN Footwear. You can sign up here.

An impression of Envirotrek 2013:

Envirotrek 2013 from Respect the Mountains on Vimeo.

There are estimated to be 100 million visitors in the European Alps each year, which presents a huge challenge in preserving these mountain environments. There is a growing need to provide necessary awareness campaigns to ensure mountain tourists are aware of the pressures that these popular holiday destinations are under. To give back to these nature areas, Respect the Mountains organises the Envirotrek Clean Up Series: hikes to enjoy nature and help her by – simply – cleaning up. A simple way of giving back that is enjoyable and effective.
100 people took part in Envirotrek in 2009, more than 200 participants were involved in 2010, and in 2011 participants collected 160 bags of rubbish. The Event Series was taken to another level again in 2012 where almost 500 people were involved. In 2013, the 5th year running, 2630 kilo’s of garbage was collected!. 

Respect the Mountains awareness reached more mountain tourists and provided essential awareness to a wider tourist audience.
Together Respect the Mountains and KEEN Footwear are committed to caring for European Mountain areas, so that future generations can enjoy these special environments.

Respect the Mountains is also supported by Barefoot Wines, Bergans of Norway and our local partners and volunteers. 

Dates and locations of Envirotrek Clean Up Series 2014:


24 May: Freiburg, Germany
14 June: Eifel, Germany
15 June: Landgraaf, Netherlands
29 June: Schoorl, Netherlands
8 July: Mayrhofen, Austria
19 July: Cesky Raj, Czech Republic
22 July: Samoens, France
17 August: North Wales, United Kingdom
24 August: Lake District, United Kingdom

What is Envirotrek?
Envirotrek is a grassroots event series, which takes place in the summer after the winter snow melts. One hundred million tourists visit the European Alps each year and each of these tourists leave a footprint, often in the form of waste or rubbish. There is a need for on-the-ground action to remove this excess waste at these popular mountain tourist destinations. Envirotrek meets this need, makes real impact and empowers participants to embrace sustainable tourism, all wrapped in a fun, one-day experience. Envirotrek is especially suitable for families with young children and youth, and teaches the youngsters in a fun way about cleaning up rubbish in mountain areas.. 

GroupPhoto - Envirotrek Eifel 2013


Each participant is required to fulfill an important mission - Two hours of hands-on cleanup action! Envirotrek organisers have identified the most heavily impacted locations in the mountain area, our participants are equipped with health and safety protection and plastic (or biodegradable) bags, teams are established, each team is briefed on their area of responsibility and then each team undertakes their mission. Prizes are given at the end of each Clean Up mission for example for 'The most garbage', 'The most unusual piece of garbage' or the 'Best Team Player'. 

Having undertaken successful Clean Up missions, participants are hungry, so we provide a delicious BBQ lunch including meats, salads and vegetarian options. It is a great time to meet other people with a passion for the mountains, and many friendships have been built over this yummy BBQ. After lunch there is a group photo taken and the prizes from the morning mission are given.

Clean Up Mission - Envirotrek Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2013

A selection of mountain adventures are offered in the afternoon, from climbing, via ferrata, mountainbiking, canoeing, rafting, GPS-tracking, and more. Each location offers different activities so not all options are available at each event. All of these activities are managed by local companies that have been selected by Respect the Mountains for their professional client services. It is a fantastic afternoon of fun and a chance to really enjoy the best of the mountains.

Costs and Registration

Envirotrek costs 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for children under 12 years this year. This includes a BBQ and afternoon activity. 
You can sign up here.

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Envirotrek 2014 Main Sponsor: KEEN Footwear

Envirotrek 2014 Food Sponsor: Barefoot Wine

Envirotrek 2014 Clothing Sponsor: Bergans of Norway
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